A Visual Indulgence and Metropolitan Paradise

Luxurious, elegant, and noble... previously known as Avenue Joffre, Huai Hai Lu is the cosmopolitan and international heart of Shanghai’s former French Concession. The name has changed, and the surroundings may be more modern, but the glory and spirit of this road remain as ever. Hidden amidst this metropolis, is 796 Huai Hai Lu. Successfully combining a luxurious preeminent shopping experience with art, taste and refinement, blending seamlessly with eighty years’ culture and history, it displays modern trends in its own unique way.

Formerly the residence of a well-known Shanghai comprador, and then requisitioned as the “Beijing Cinema”, the neo-classical twin villas in 796 Huai Hai Lu have witnessed the prosperity of the old Shanghai, and the turbulence of the evolution of the new and even more prosperous Shanghai. During the renovation little has changed about the elegant garden houses: they have been lovingly restored with great attention to detail, right down to the staircase in its original 1920s glory, and the stained-glass windows evoking a past generation. Now 796 Huai Hai Lu is one of the city’s ultimate lifestyle destinations.

Representing a new generation in luxury retail, the twin villas’ three occupants-Vacheron Constantin, Alfred Dunhill, KEE Club - create an experience in indulgence, offering much more than simple retail. The Vacheron Constantin Mansion, Shanghai, with its comprehensive collection and one-of-its-kind services, offers customers an Haute Horlogerie experience; the Alfred Dunhill Shanghai Home offers the modern gentlemen a world of pure indulgence with a dream ambiance; Hong Kong private members’ club – KEE, to simply enjoy the finer things in life in a magnificent setting.

Time could cease at 796 Huai Hai Lu: An old Shanghai scene intricately blended with luxury and art flavour, a vanguard concept retail initiated by the world’s top brands, Vacheron Constantin and Alfred Dunhill, an atmosphere of beauty and enjoyment at sany time of the day or night.